Friday, April 27, 2018

The Poles!

Okay, another one of those purchases that I think "that's cool, I can use them for...."  I really have to stop doing this!

For months, off and on, on and off, I have made some visits to the Terrain4Games website to look at their modern Poles.  What kept me from buying any of their figures was the shipping cost to the United States from overseas for a small amount of resin figures.  However, some of their listings on eBay actually have reasonable shipping costs, so I ordered the "full" kit of eight soldiers, an M1114 (HUMVEE), and a KTO Rosomak.  

The eight soldiers are carrying a mix of weapons as follows: five with the wz.1996 Beryl assault rifle, two with the wz.1996 Mini-Beryl, and one with the UKM-2000, which is an updated PMK machine-gun, firing the 7.62 NATO round.  

I placed my order on April 5th.  Expected delivery date was given as after May 5th.  Actual delivery was April 26th, a nice surprise.  The medium sized box was packed well with plenty of bubble wrap to protect the vehicles and figures.

The figures measure about 16M on the Barrett Scale.  They are decently animated, with just a smidgen of clean-up needed to remove some resin "flakes."  The bodies are in good leg/torso/arm proportion, and the weapons seem to be scaled correctly and do not suffer from bazooka-like size that can occur in 15mm figures.

The M1114 comes in six parts.  Detail is good, casting is fairly clean with some cleanup needed, but a few seconds with the X-ACTO will take care of that.  The wheels glue onto axle posts, the grill needs to be added to the front, but the machinegun seems to have an issue as the bottom of the MG has a small round post that should go into a corresponding hole on top of the M1114, but there no corresponding hole.  I might have to file down the post.  The MG probably has the most resin to clean up, but again should be a relatively quick chore.  (picture shows comparison with an Irishserb M1114)

The Rosomak (wolverine) comes in eleven pieces - chassis, turret, gun, and eight wheels.  Detail is excellent.  The wheels have giant tabs on the back that align with slots on the chassis, ensuring an accurate fit.  The gun mounts cleanly onto the turret.  This is one nice looking wheeled armored vehicle.  Two issues though - the turret is slightly loose when positioned on the chassis, allowing a bit of slippage, and the gun was cast with a slight upward gradient as it moves away from the turret.  Being made from resin, I am not going to be able to align the gun back into proper position, but one has to really look at the vehicle to notice.

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