Saturday, July 21, 2018

Irish Spring, or the Ayes Have It

So I was in the shower this morning, reaching for my body wash (I know, too much information), when it dawned on me, instead of Arab Spring, why not do some hypothetical or even sci-fi using Irish and call it Irish Spring?  Yes, lame it is, but what the hey.  It gives me a chance to use and mix figures and factions that really have very little to do with each other historically.  

Some examples:
  • I really like the Peter Pig Israelis, but I have plenty of desert/arid climate gaming projects already, and I really do not want to paint up more Arab-type "bad guys" than what I already have.  I also have some Ground Zero Games Israelis, but haven't incorporated them into any current project.
  • I have a bit of Irish blood in me, so I am interested in doing some sort of force of modern or perhaps sci-fi Irish.  They use a mix of weapons that would allow use of the Eureka Aussies as proxies.
  • Iceland beckons.  I want to go there and hike, and while they do not have a traditional military, would it not be cool to field a force from their Crisis Response Unit, a unit that still uses the G-3 battle rifle?  Finding figures with modern helmets carrying the G-3 will be a tough chore.
Three countries that begin with I, at least in English.  Dare I consider India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, and the Ivory Coast as well?  Okay, too many ayes there to even think about, but some of these countries could be a bit of a framework for a fictional setting, whether historical or science fiction.  An Irish-Israeli War?  Where would it take place?  An Iceland-Irish conflict, maybe along the Greenland coast or some of the small islands off the coasts of Iceland and Ireland?  Irish in Liberia, next to the Ivory Coast?  An Irish U.N. contingent in the Ivory Coast?  I know, all a bunch of silliness.  I agree, but it is still fun to think about.

There could be a bit of historical basis.  The Irish Army lost the most amount of U.N. troops as part of the UNIFIL mission, which supports the Lebanese Army.  Wouldn't be that much of a stretch to have a flare-up with Irish and Israelis involved, I would just need to figure out what sort of figures to use for the Irish as the Israelis pretty much stopped using the Galil in 2000, and the Peter Pig figures I have are Galil-armed.  But that is yet another arid climate project, and I would rather move away from that a bit at least.  It could be moved forward a bit, using the Eureka Australians as Irish, as Khurasan make a range of modern Israelis, although I hate the look of the latter's "chef's hat".

This one is going to take a bit more thinking I'm afraid.


  1. You know, at first I thought you were drinking your body wash again, but after thinking about it, the Irish have been involved in a bunch of U.N. ops, so maybe not so far fetched. Curious to see where this goes.

    1. Well, the body wash (Irish Spring) is the inspiration! The Irish also used the Panhard M3 (painted UN white) and they had some run-ins with the Israelis in Lebanon, so nothing is really a stretch for going green!


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