Friday, July 20, 2018

More Irishserb Builds

I decided to work on a couple of the fine vehicles I picked up from my friend Irishserb in a trade some months ago.  My plans for these are for some sort of Third World nation as the OPFOR, while using a variety of "good guys" to go against them (West Germans in a 1970s setting, 1980s Israelis, etc., etc.).  The Panhard could be a nice target, notice this pic of some poor Irish blokes with the white "shoot me" Panhard and blue "no, shoot me here" caps.

For this entry two vehicles, a post World War II T-34/85 and a Panhard M3.  The quality of the casting is readily apparent, as is the resin.  No bubbles, very minor flash, pieces fit nicely together.  Irishserb's prices are also super competitive.  

The T-34/85 is a very easy build with only four pieces - hull, tracks, and turret.  There are ridges along the underside of the hull which to align the tracks in the proper position.

One of the cleanest looking T-34s on the market today

The Panhard is of nine pieces - hull, turret, wheels, spare wheel, and guns (two FN MAGs).  The guns are brass rods.  Again, assembly is very easy.  The wheel wells have a tab to align the wheels onto, the spare has a mount, and the guns insert into holes in the turret.

Notice the tabs to align the wheels

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