Sunday, August 12, 2018

North Korean Forces

Okay, so I have sold off my 10mm Korean War collection, but still would like to do some sort of skirmish level gaming set in 1950s Korea.  I do have a handful of Eureka 15mm North Koreans, and I have an excellent T-34/85 made by Irishserb, but I think I would need some additional figures (another squad or so) for the North Koreans as what I currently have is what you see here.

I do not own any other forces suitable for Korea, so buying some sort of Allied force would be a requirement.  Here though I could have a bit of fun and move away from a typical American force, and create a South Korean or British one instead.  I'll have to see what figures are on the market beyond World War II offerings.  Of course, having some U.S. Marine infantry supported by a Pershing could be nice as well.

Rules might be Nuts! by Two Hour Wargames, which I believe is the same system as FNG 2nd Tour, which I have enjoyed.  I have the Fire in Korea supplement, but not the base rules needed for play. 

Terrain, well, that would be a bit tricky as I do not have anything I think that would be suited for Korea.  Pretty sure my jungle terrain would not be proper!

Update - Seemingly South Koreans could be pulled off by using WWII Americans, but I would need them to be of the size of the Eureka North Koreans.  Eureka does happen to make 15mm U.S. Marine infantry, so they might do the trick.  


  1. I've been thinking about this as well for 15mm. Been considering buying some of the old Quality Castings stuff for NK and Chinese troops, and maybe QRF for UK and US. Figure that the smallness of the QC figs might look okay next to larger figs from other makers for western troops. Could mix in some WWII figs as well, and there might be some Peter Pig head swap options, but haven't really looked into that yet.

    1. Head swaps would scare the heck out of me! The idea of using older figures for Koreans might work, but the sizing of the weapons might be a concern.

  2. Lots of options for UN allies, Brits, Greeks, and Turks to name a few!
    You need some mountains and rice paddies to do Korea right! I did allot of time there in the US army, I always thought that country had no top, or at least no matter how much I walked I never found it.....;-)

    1. I need to pick up a few rice paddies, for certain! The terrain on the Pusan perimeter, down south where the Marines were, seems to be a bit more forgiving. Still large hills, but apparently a bit more rolling in nature.


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