Thursday, September 20, 2018

More on Elli

One of the items I discussed in the first post about the First Balkan War naval Battle of Elli was about a basing system.  I really wanted to go with clear acrylic bases, and Warbases offers a 40mm by 20mm base, with etching, for a good price.  But 40mm was just a tad too short.  An email to Warbases to inquire about getting larger acrylic bases made, with the ship names etched, has already been responded to, and apparently can be done!  So, I have sent them the ship names, and awaiting a PayPal invoice and in a few weeks I should have bases for the Navwar ships.  Pretty darn cool, but now I have to ensure that I can glue the ships to the bases without causing the bases to fog.  Oh, and of course paint the ships before mounting them, as I normally glue the ships, then prime everything at the same time.  A bit different direction this time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Battle of Lemnos? No, Elli!

Battle of Elli - ships engaged - from Age of Steel and Coal
A few years ago (see HERE) I picked up some Navwar ships from a chap who thought he had organized his purchase for the Battle of Lemnos (First Balkan War).  However, in recently reviewing the ships that I purchased from him and the lack of enough destroyers for the Lemnos affair, it appears that really he collected the ships needed for the Battle of Elli.  Makes perfect sense considering that at Lemnos the ironclad Asar-i-Tevfik was not present, yet I have a casting for it.  Ahhhh, good, now I know what I have to work on for a future game!

Okay, what to do with this project, meaning what sort and size of bases to use, and what rules will offer a simple enough game, yet give that period feel I like?  Here is a nice after action report using Majestic Twelve Games' Grand Fleets (never heard of them, although they seem to be available Stateside, and apparently they offer a scenario book that has the ships for Elli already rated).  Thinking about some clear acrylic bases, but also worried that the glue might fog the bases, and with the tiny destroyers in this scale it will be difficult to not have excess glue along the waterline.  And, my go to base supplier, Litko, does not make rectangular acrylic bases.  But I do have some nice splash markers from them, and they also offer some firing arcs that will be useful.

Warbases make custom etched acrylic bases, which could be excellent to have each ship's name already etched on the base, but while nearly all the miniatures would fit on the largest rectangle base they offer, the Georgios Averof is just a tad too large.  I think I will send them an email to see if they could make a larger etched base.

The rules and scenario book that covers the First Balkan War have been ordered.  The neat thing about the scenario book is if I enjoy the rules I can also use my Spanish-American War fleets for Manila Bay!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I picked up a copy of a book titled Fireforce from my local Half Price Books, and am a few chapters in at the moment.  It is one man's story of the time he spent in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, and has been a fairly good read thus far, although some of the slang is unknown to me.  I am hoping that there will be enough detail, once he gets into action, to create a few small scenarios.  Coincidentally, Old Glory UK offers a small range of figures (FireForce15) for the Rhodesian forces, but at this time no OPFOR.  However, placing an order is a bit problematic.  Evidently their payment processor doesn't seem to like United States addresses, and one (at least Stateside) cannot process an order.  An email to Old Glory UK was responded to quickly, and I was able to place an order for a pack of each code via email.

While Peter Pig makes an extensive range that would provide rebel forces, I will need to see how the Old Glory UK figures compare to Peter Pig.

Old Glory UK also make an Alouette III helicopter and a Cessna Lynx in 15mm, the former with a G or K Car option.  However, I find these to be a bit pricey and will be looking for some alternative solutions, maybe even going to 1/144th as many 15mm gamers will use smaller scale air assets.  News flash, Armaments in Miniature make 15mm Alouettes for a more cost effective price.  They also have a Reims Lynx for again a cheaper price. 

More on the book and the figures in a future post!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Micropanzer Nomad Organization

I never rated these fine fellows nor provided an organization for them in previous post, so time to address that oversight.

Nomad Force
Basic Attributes
Confidence Level: Normal
Supply Quality Level: Normal
Body Armor: none
Troop Quality/Morale: D8/D10

Typical Unit Attributes
  • Augmented Senses
  • Animosity (at the team level)
  • Elusive
  • Pain Resistant
  • Stealthy

Nomad Squad
1 x Nomad Leader with energy pistol
6 x Nomads with rifles
1 x Nomad with Anti-Material Rifle (Med AP:1/AT:3)
1 x Nomad with Flamer (Lt AP:2)
1 x Nomad with SAW (AP:2)
1 x Nomad with Grenade Launcher (Med AP:2/AT:1)

The squad will break into two teams with three riflemen and two weapons per team, with the weapons assigned based on operation type.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Final (for now) Moongrunt Stats

Putting it altogether, including the recently added rockets.

People’s Liberation Army Space Force
PLASF Basic Attributes
Confidence Level: Normal
Supply Quality Level: Normal
Body Armor: Type 28 Armored Pressure Suits (2D and may not use rapid movement)
Troop Quality/Morale: D8/D8

Typical Unit Attributes
Poor Initiative

2 x Riflemen with ZH24 Laser Rifle/Grenade Launcher (Lt AP:1)
1 x Gunner with ZH34 Heavy Pulse Laser (Hvy LWS AP:3/AT:2)

1 x Squad Leader with ZH24 Laser Rifle/Grenade Launcher (Lt AP:1)
1 x Gunner with ZH40 MPRL (Med AP:2/AT:3)
3 x PLASF Cells

United States Marine Corps Extra-Planetary Expedition Force Luna
USMCEPEFL Basic Attributes
Confidence Level: High
Supply Quality Level: High
Body Armor: M31 Protected Pressure Suits (1D)
Troop Quality/Morale: D8/D10

Typical Unit Attributes
Designated Marksman
Old School

1 x Fireteam Leader with M225 Laser Rifle/Grenade Launcher (Lt AP:1)
1 x Riflemen with M225 Laser Rifle/Grenade Launcher (Lt AP:1)
1 x DMR with M225 Laser Rifle/Grenade Launcher (Lt AP:1)
1 x Gunner with M237 Rapid Pulse Support Laser (Med LWS AP:2/AT:1)

1 x Squad Leader with M225 Laser Rifle/Grenade Launcher (Lt AP:1)
1 x Gunner with M222 MRPRL (Lt AP:2/AT:2)
3 x USMCEPEFL Fireteams
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