Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I picked up a copy of a book titled Fireforce from my local Half Price Books, and am a few chapters in at the moment.  It is one man's story of the time he spent in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, and has been a fairly good read thus far, although some of the slang is unknown to me.  I am hoping that there will be enough detail, once he gets into action, to create a few small scenarios.  Coincidentally, Old Glory UK offers a small range of figures (FireForce15) for the Rhodesian forces, but at this time no OPFOR.  However, placing an order is a bit problematic.  Evidently their payment processor doesn't seem to like United States addresses, and one (at least Stateside) cannot process an order.  An email to Old Glory UK was responded to quickly, and I was able to place an order for a pack of each code via email.

While Peter Pig makes an extensive range that would provide rebel forces, I will need to see how the Old Glory UK figures compare to Peter Pig.

Old Glory UK also make an Alouette III helicopter and a Cessna Lynx in 15mm, the former with a G or K Car option.  However, I find these to be a bit pricey and will be looking for some alternative solutions, maybe even going to 1/144th as many 15mm gamers will use smaller scale air assets.  News flash, Armaments in Miniature make 15mm Alouettes for a more cost effective price.  They also have a Reims Lynx for again a cheaper price. 

More on the book and the figures in a future post!

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