Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Micropanzer Nomad Organization

I never rated these fine fellows nor provided an organization for them in previous post, so time to address that oversight.

Nomad Force
Basic Attributes
Confidence Level: Normal
Supply Quality Level: Normal
Body Armor: none
Troop Quality/Morale: D8/D10

Typical Unit Attributes
  • Augmented Senses
  • Animosity (at the team level)
  • Elusive
  • Pain Resistant
  • Stealthy

Nomad Squad
1 x Nomad Leader with energy pistol
6 x Nomads with rifles
1 x Nomad with Anti-Material Rifle (Med AP:1/AT:3)
1 x Nomad with Flamer (Lt AP:2)
1 x Nomad with SAW (AP:2)
1 x Nomad with Grenade Launcher (Med AP:2/AT:1)

The squad will break into two teams with three riflemen and two weapons per team, with the weapons assigned based on operation type.


  1. I like those guys. What scale are they? What manufacturer?

    1. 15mm, and made by Micropanzer. One can find them here: http://www.micropanzer.com/10-20017_ideal_014.htm

    2. I'd never heard of Micropanzer. Thanks!


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