Thursday, September 20, 2018

More on Elli

One of the items I discussed in the first post about the First Balkan War naval Battle of Elli was about a basing system.  I really wanted to go with clear acrylic bases, and Warbases offers a 40mm by 20mm base, with etching, for a good price.  But 40mm was just a tad too short.  An email to Warbases to inquire about getting larger acrylic bases made, with the ship names etched, has already been responded to, and apparently can be done!  So, I have sent them the ship names, and awaiting a PayPal invoice and in a few weeks I should have bases for the Navwar ships.  Pretty darn cool, but now I have to ensure that I can glue the ships to the bases without causing the bases to fog.  Oh, and of course paint the ships before mounting them, as I normally glue the ships, then prime everything at the same time.  A bit different direction this time.

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