Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sword Worlds

A quick placeholder to flesh out a project idea later for Traveller/Striker/Tomorrow's War.

Sword Worlds Platoon - Combat Environment Suits, 9mm ACRs or 4mm Gauss Rifles with grenade launchers, Gauss light machine guns, ATGM launchers, 10cm mortar.

  • Three squads, each with
    • Three fireteams
      • Fireteam A
        • TL with rifle
        • 3 riflemen
      • Fireteam B
        • TL with rifle
        • 1 rifleman
        • 1 assistant LMG gunner
        • 1 LMG gunner
      • Fireteam C
        • TL with rifle
        • 2 riflemen
        • 1 AT gunner
      • 1 HU-420 Botond Grav APC
Figures?  I have some of the Ground Zero Games Outrim Coalition that might just do the trick.

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