Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fireforce15 Figures - A Small Review

Top row FFM-01, middle row FFM-02, bottom row FFM-03
Forgot to get these on the blog prior to now, but here are some snaps of the Old Glory UK FireForce15 figures I ordered a few months ago.  I picked up one pack of each offering, which gives me thirty-six figures in total.  Each pack has three poses of the following.

FFM-01 - Infantry pack with three FN riflemen and what I am guessing to be a FN MAG with a box drum?
FFM-02 - Infantry pack with three riflemen and one machine gunner, with a standard FN MAG.
FFM-03 - Command and weapons with a command figure, a much smaller radio operator (with a different sculpting style), an RPG gunner, and a mortar.  Just how many mortars does one need?

Dislikes - Awkward posing, amount of flash, bent weapons, type of metal used (hard and not very pliable), mould lines, two different sculpting styles, too many mortars.
Likes - The fact that one can find FN-armed troops in shorts!

Okay, I am usually more favorable with reviews as this is a small hobby and I appreciate those who have the skill and the ability to have figures put on the market.  As a whole the figures are not bad, they just could have been so much better with cleaner and more realistic sculpting, better moulding, and a better mix of figure types.  These figures have not been around that long for the moulds to be wearing out so really the mould lines and flash shouldn't be evident.

Bottom line - One is better off trying to cobble together a Rhodesian force from Peter Pig's Vietnam and AK-47 ranges.  These Fireforce15 figures are going straight to the Bazaar!
The odd drum weapon from FFM-01


  1. As Dom Irrera would say: "But I don't mean that in a bad way." HaHa!

    1. Yeah, I try to be fair in my reviews, and maybe I am over thinking the figures, but I was hoping for something more. :)


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