Saturday, December 1, 2018

Off They Go!

Strange Encounter by Roy Grinnell
After some great communication with Kevin Hammond of Miscellaneous Miniatures, I have shipped to him my Raiden aircraft for both the Vietnam and 1948 Arab-Israeli projects, both are for Check Your 6!  The Vietnam project is based on the Crusaders Over 'Nam scenario book, and the 1948 planes are from the Wargames Illustrated 310 article "War of Catastrophe and Independence" written by Rob Wubbenhorst, along with an extra online scenario he created.  The aircraft I have will allow me to do three of the six available scenarios.  One day I'll have to order a few extra aircraft in order to game all six.  Regardless, I'll have some options for hosting events, particularly at the Check Your 6! Game Day held in Dayton every June.
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