Sunday, January 20, 2019

East Germans

Several weeks ago I took advantage of a sale at Plastic Soldier Company to pick up an infantry platoon of their 15mm Cold War East German figures, originally part of the Armies Army range.  The figures arrived several days later, but there was a bit of an of the light machine gunners was missing.  An email to PSC about the missing figure took a few days to get a response, but they eventually did, and I also eventually received the replacement figure.  Fairly decent service overall, with at least the willingness to make it right, even though it took a bit of time.

The platoon will be painted up with a winter scheme in mind, which is basically a white smock over the strictarn uniform as pictured.  I have some terrain I've been collecting, including a snow mat, and plan on finishing my Novus Design Studio Russian houses with snow on them.  Why Russian houses?  Why winter?  We'll just say that these East Germans got a little off course and wind up closer to the Arctic Circle than West Berlin.

The figures themselves are organized in eight man squads, and if one tries to obtain a true squad organization, well, just search for that on some of the gaming sites and see what happens.  Each squad has a squad leader, light machine gunner, an RPG gunner, one rifleman with an underslung grenade launcher (which may or may not have been in use), and four other riflemen.  Apparently dismounted squads were of seven or eight men, and should have two light machine gunners, but I am not going to sweat that discrepancy.  I do need to decide on what sort of transport I want to give them, either BTR-60s (known in East German service as SPW-60) or BMPs.  I think I'll go for BTRs as they are just a cool looking throwback APC.
Picture from Armies Army blog

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