Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Slave 2 Gaming...Nailed It!

I mentioned in a previous post about the re-release of the old Cannon Fodder Miniatures ranges of "modern" 15mm figures, sculpted by Greg Blake.  I placed an order with Slave 2 Gaming within a day or two of seeing the announcement on a gaming forum, and received an email from them on the day I ordered letting me know there would be a delay due to the amount of orders they received for that range.  Now, here is one interesting aspect about that notice...Drew from S2G apologized for running out of figures and that he would have more in two days and would ship them upon receipt.  What?  A gaming company apologizing for a two day delay?  Oh, did I mention my order was placed on a Saturday and he was getting more on that following Monday and would send them immediately?  What kind of great service is that?  

Okay, so the S2G box arrived today.  What is today's date?  January 23rd.  So, let me get this timeline down - order on the 12th, get an email apologizing for running out of stock, they get more on the 14th and send them straight out, and I have them on the 23rd.  Not too bad, right?  Oh, did I mention they were shipped from Australia to the United States?  What kind of friggin' magic are they using to wing that order so quickly?

But wait, there's more....

In the package, which by the way was packed very nicely, was a set of S2G six-sided dice, and a handwritten note on the invoice from Drew, thanking me for my patience.  Patience?  Hell, the figures arrived faster than some of the orders I've placed from U.S. companies, and a freebie to boot?

Really good stuff from Drew and co.  If I decide to order more of these figures, I will not hesitate to place another order.  

I'll review the figures with some comparison shots in a future post as I get the figures mounted and ready for primer as part of my Little Bird Down project.


  1. I've order from Drew also.....never an issue!

  2. Some companies I've ordered from don't even get out of their chairs for 3 weeks before shipping -- forget apologizing for it! LOL!


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