Friday, April 26, 2019

Vietnam in the Air

Another small project ready to go!

Here are a couple of pictures of some Raiden aircraft, purchased from I-94,and  painted by Kevin Hammond at Miscellaneous Miniatures, I'll be using for some future games.  I have enough for a few scenarios from the Crusaders Over 'Nam booklet.  I've only played one Check Your 6! game using missiles, so I will need some practice in using missiles.  

Kevin does great work,  I had something like 27 planes painted for around $170.00, which included the scheme I wanted and decals as well.  Add magnets and these babies will be ready to take to the skies of Southeast Asia!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

1948 Arab-Israeli War

Nice, a long planned project finally coming to fruition....

I picked up some greatly reduced Raiden aircraft from Dom at Dom's Decals some time ago, for the most part planes that would be correct for use in the '48 Arab-Israeli War.  Using Check Your 6! and a '48 War article (an supplement download) that appeared in Wargames Illustrated (#310) and written by Rob Wubbenhorst, I gathered planes to tackle a few small scenarios from that article.  Sending the planes off a few months ago to Kevin at Miscellaneous Miniatures, I received them a few weeks ago, and am really impressed by Kevin's work (again).  All I need to do is glue on some magnets and fill out some aircraft sheets and they are ready for Check Your 6! Game Day in June!

Friday, April 12, 2019

New Releases From Blue Moon

Picture from Blue Moon
After a few years, Blue Moon has finally gotten around to releasing mode codes for their Great War range!  Particularly useful are the American 37mm guns, casualties, and listening party.  The stretcher bearers, nurses, and doctors pack is also of note.  Throw in some generic trucks and the 75mm gun, and the Americans are fairly well covered. 

Looks like I will have to take advantage of my Old Glory Army Card and pick up a few packs!  Placed an order for a pack each of the 37s, casualties, listening posts, as well as light trench mortars.  Now what to use for rules....
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