Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Battle of Elli - Basing Solution

When deciding on how to base ships for the Elli project, I did some searching on various gaming sites, looking for a clear acrylic option.  One suggestion was Warbases.  Alas, while they offered clear bases, and even etching for ship names, they did not have a size of base that would be suitable for the larger ships.  I decided to send them an email to see if they had any options for this issue, as their pricing was so incredibly reasonable.  To be great pleasure I received a timely and favorable response - indeed they could create a larger base that would accommodate the larger ships and they could move the etching of the ship names along the long edge.  Warbases worked with me to design a larger base, and so I was able to take care of that issue!

The next issue for basing will be painting and gluing the ships to the bases without creating any fogging.  I typically mount ships on sheet styrene and prime everything at one time, which obviously defeats the purpose of using clear etched bases.

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