Sunday, June 9, 2019

Check Your 6! Annual Game Day Recap

Israeli S-199s and Egyptian Spitfires dance over Israel.
Just a short post about the annual Check Your 6! game day event held each year in Dayton, Ohio.  I was able to attend the entire day, including hosting a 1948 Arab-Israeli War game and playing in a no-plot game, and watching a Vietnam game during the evening session.  There were plenty of historical eras covered, from the Great War through Vietnam, and a good turnout as well for some Wings of Glory Great War combat.  I-94 was there selling there wares, and so I picked up a few oddball planes to complete my 1948 collection, and a few P-40 B/Cs to start either a Pearl Harbor or Flying Tiger project.

Attendance seemed to be very good for the morning and early afternoon, but the evening session only had two games going.  One thing I'd like to help work on is promoting the event a bit more to help increase awareness and hence numbers present.  There is certainly space to hold more games and accommodate more gamers, so no concerns there.  And there are a few fast food joints close by to satiate the gamer appetite.  The location also has a kitchen, so that means potential to sell some gamer food right onsite.

If you have an hankering for air combat, makes plans to attend next June.  The National Museum of the United States Air Force is only minutes away, so one could make a nice weekend that includes gaming miniature aircraft and see the real thing up close.

These are 1/600 scale...check out those paint jobs!

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