Tuesday, June 25, 2019

More 1948 Planes Being Painted

This morning I sent off six more 1948 Arab-Israeli War planes to Miscellaneous Miniatures for painting.  Once these have been completed this will allow me to do all the scenarios that appeared in Wargames Illustrated.  Two Macchi MC.205s, two Spitfires (Late model for the Brits), a Beaufighter, and a Hawker Sea Fury will grace the gaming table in a few months.  Kevin at Miscellaneous really isn't doing planes any longer, but since I have been an established customers he has agreed to keep doing some small projects for me, which will include Flying Tigers and some Swiss, and then perhaps some 1967 Arab-Israeli and Pakistan-India War.  Then I should be pretty much "done" with Check Your 6! projects.

Back to '48, I was also able to pick up a few painted planes in a trade.  Two are painted for Syria, and are types the Syrians never used, but are still pretty cool so I am going to use at least the Lavochkin La-7 for some flavor.  The other two planes are Bf.109s, but not quite correct for Israel (should have gunpods and blue stripes), but they will also see some table time.

It feels good to get these projects worked on and putting some planes on the table!


  1. I do like this project...keep it coming!

    1. I am hosting a game this Friday at a local store and will snap some pics and post here on the blog. :)


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