Sunday, January 19, 2020


It is time to get these Figurehead ships for Coronel and the Falklands (picked up from Tiny Tin Troops) on their newly acquired bases!  I recently received my custom bases from Warbases, each base etched with the name of the ship.  Should make it easy for players to know which ship is which, while not being as intrusive as a print out of the name.  The blue color of the base will blend nicely with the gaming mat as well. 

Now, next quest, to find a glue that will not cause any hazing or smoking of the base itself, just in case I get a little glue beyond the miniature itself!

And the other next quest, a nice sea mat to game on!

UPDATE - Per the suggestion of some on a gaming forum, I've tried some tacky glue on the Scharnhorst to see if it will hold decently enough for game play.  Checking it after a night of drying, the ship is firmly in place.  Thus, the basing glue conundrum has been solved.


  1. Replies
    1. I like the look...looking over the various ocean/sea mats that are out there. Can't decide to go with fleece/cloth, mousepad, or PVC. The latter is the most cost effective of the bunch.

  2. nice, I will pick some of these up too as I am building my new table with a permanent sea base, so see through bases will be good


    1. Really easy to order custom bases from Warbases. For another project they even made sizes for me that were not on their site.


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