Monday, January 13, 2020

Painting...Well, Sort Of

I am a hoarder when it comes to buying figures, but terrible at getting them painted.  I was much better years ago getting troops ready for the table, but my painting arrangements were more conducive then.  I decided over recent days to pick up some paints and start getting some figures painted since I am not currently working (quit my last job).  Because I live on the fifth floor of a high rise, I really cannot use spray paint to prime figures, which is really the biggest hindrance to getting figures painted.  We have an enclosed balcony, but the dust residue from spray priming has a tendency to get on the walls, so not good.

In my recent spate of purchasing paints, I picked up a bottle of AK Interactive grey brush on primer.  Expensive when compared to a can of aerosol, but again, no spray in the condo.  I decided to prime a few figures just to see how I like AK.

The primer is very thin, even after a good shaking.  But I plowed on and applied a layer to some Terrain4Games modern Poles that I have had for awhile (hoarding you know) and was happy to see that the primer covered these resin figures fairly well.  Drying time is supposed to be 24 hours, so I will see how they look tomorrow, but thus far they seem to be drying nicely, meaning that the details on the figures are starting to pop.  The figures were cast in three, no make that four, different batches of resin, but the primer has made them all an even shade of light gray (or grey as it were).  So far, so good.

I tried to brush on the primer to the resin vehicles I have, but coverage over larger and flat surfaces doesn't seem to be this primer's forte.  I will have to try another solution for brush priming my vehicles it seems.

Next day update:  The figures dried nicely, and the primer covered very well while leaving the details to shine.  At the very least, while brush priming is a slow pain in the arse, at least I have a primer I can use to start getting figures painted!

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