Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Return to Grenada - Random Thoughts and Idea Placeholder

The love/hate affair with Grenada continues....

Back to this oft-considered gaming project.  I have five buildings from Empires at War mostly assembled, but overall not as happy with them as I had hoped I would be.  There are a few steps in the building instructions missing which caused a bit of a headache, and the foot-space in the buildings will barely hold an individually based 15mm figure (using a 20mm base).  But. they are more affordable than most, and come pre-painted, so there you go!

I have ordered some figures, in this case the Khurasan Vietnam offerings to use as Marines.  For Rangers I will probably have to go with Irregular Miniatures modern US infantry wearing the soft cap.  For bad guys I have a few options - African military and militias from Peter Pig (but they might be small compared to Khurasan), or perhaps some Cold War Russians from Khurasan for the PRA.  The latter are probably a bit too well equipped, but I need figures with helmets and they would be sized more in line with the Khurasan Vietnam figures.  Cubans are covered by the hardened militia by Peter Pig.  Still some considerations to be given to various figures.

A suggestion on one of the gaming sites yielded a nice tutorial on painting woodland camo using Vallejo paints.  

US Dark Green - Vallejo #893
Saddle Brown - Vallejo #940
Black - Vallejo #950
Khaki - Vallejo #988
Off White - Vallejo #820
Beige - Vallejo #917

Hmmm, now I am also considering this in 10mm.  Miniature Figurines make a large line of 12mm, which would cover the PRA in helmets, US infantry in the Fritz helmet, and African insurgents which could represent the militia.  They have vehicles like the BTR-60, an these might scale better with the Empires at War buildings.  Sheesh, I cannot make a decision!


  1. nice to see a old project revived, I would use Russians I think, best of luck with your 2020 projects.

    my two cents


    1. A good two cents indeed. Leaning towards Russians from Khurasan. Thanks!


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