Friday, January 24, 2020

Sea Mat

Buying a gaming mat these days leads to quite a few rabbit holes, due to the vast amount of options currently available.  Used to be one bought some felt at the local fabric store, then that permeated into buying Geohex mats, then Geohex terrain pieces, and that covered the gaming needs for a number of years.  But more recently one can buy mats on fleece or mousepad material or PVC, beautifully printed.  One could also use various sign making companies and upload an image for the company then to produce a mat printed on banner material.  Then, does one want hexes or no?  All sorts of decisions to be made.

To use with my Figurehead Great War ships, mounted on Warbases custom bases, for the Coronel and Falklands scenarios, I spent a few hours weighing options at various online retailers.  Cost would be a primary factor as I did not want to spend too much on a mat, but still wanted to have a nice looking and functional surface.  To that end I went with a PVC mat from Deep Cut Studio.  

I placed my order on a Sunday afternoon (U.S. time).  The website is easy to use.  Find the mat you want, pick a material, pick a size, add to cart, and checkout with PayPal or a credit card.  My 6' by 4' mat was $72.00 which included included overseas shipping.

I received my mat on January 24th, the Friday following my order.  During the process I received updates about shipping with a FedEx tracking number.  A Sunday to Friday turnaround time is really amazingly fast from Europe to the United States!  The mat came in a long tube, which I should be able to use when the mat is being stored.

I am very happy with how the mat looks with my Warbases custom blue bases.  Now, time to determine rules and to host this game at a local shop!

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