Sunday, April 5, 2020

Israeli Organizations for Force on Force/Ambush Alley

While Ambush Alley Games has pretty much disappeared, there seems to still be a decent amount of gamers interested in the rules, at least from the various scenario books and information one can gleam from same.  I came across the Foundry site today, only to find that they have re-released their old 20mm Arab-Israeli War range.  Now, I do not have terrain for 20mm (buildings), but can put together an arid/desert type setting without buildings, so it got me thinking that perhaps I will order some of these figures...perhaps.  Khurasan also makes a range of these figures, but to organize the sections properly I would have to buy several packs of the section command, leaving me with numerous figures I would have no use for.  Peter Pig also make Israelis, but while they are nice figures they are unfortunately armed with the Galil and not suitable for 1967 or 1973.

In looking at some old posts on a gaming forum, I came across a link to the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers that had some organizations for various Middle Eastern countries in the 1960s and 70s.  Not 100% certain about the accuracy of the lists, but it does provide a building block.  Since I do like gaming at the fireteam/section/squad level, organizing a few sections of Israelis could be fun.  Here is the basic section organization for the Israelis:

2 x Uzi (I assume section leader and assistant)
7 x FN FAL

Breaking this ten man section into two teams, here is what I think they could be rated for Force on Force:

Team One
Section leader with Uzi - 2d at optimum range
4 riflemen with FN FAL - 1d each

Team Two
Assistant section leader with Uzi - 2d at optimum range
3 riflemen with FN FAL - 1d each
1 rifleman with FN FAL HB - 2d
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