Saturday, May 30, 2020

Swart en Wit Teenoor Vreemdelinge

At first I was thinking about a project that involved a sci-fi setting similar to South Africa in the 1980s, pitting mostly black forces against mostly white.  In this case however I am going to add in a more threatening alien presence which will force the swart and wit to work cautiously together.

Brigade Models - South African Confederation - I purchased two packs (code SF15-660) from Brigade (nice models, great service).  Each pack has two five-man fireteams each consisting of a squad leader, three riflemen and a support weapon.   There are no repeat sculpts, meaning all ten figures are unique.  A good number of wit to combat whatever is thrown their way.

Ground Zero Games - Pan-African Union special forces infantry - I also grabbed two packs from GZG, codes P23 and P23 (as always, GZG figures are top notch, and Jon provides incredible service).  Both packs have eight figures each, which break down to two fireteams each with three riflemen and one SAW.  There are two of each pose in each pack.  Plenty of swart to tackle the latest alien threat.

The two ranges are fairly close in compatibility, with the GZG figures being a tad taller and a smidgen heftier, but not by much.  In comparing weapons and equipment the ranges match very well.

Aliens - I have all sorts already collected.  Could be the little froggies from Zombiesmith (Aphids), the nomads from Micropanzer, or several other factions/companies I own.  I like the thought of the nomads as they are not nearly as far fetched as the Aphids.  

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