Friday, May 22, 2020

The Black Brigade Dwa

Two row - two riflemen, NCO
Botton row - BAR gunner, officer
I finally received my Forged in Battle Polish Black Brigade yesterday.  Forged in Battle did a great job in communicating to me early on about their limited ability to ship, and even asked if I wanted to cancel the order due to the delay.  I definitely wanted the figures, so after nearly two months from my initial order I now have a platoon of Poles.

The figures are very well done.  Crisp castings, little flash, nicely proportioned and animated.  They are 14M on the Barrett Scale which makes them a little closer to old school 15mm than the creep towards 18mm..  And while I know that most of the line troops of the Black Brigade did not wear the long black coats, I am still going to paint them as such, because it looks cool!

I picked up the Skirmish Campaigns scenario book on the Black Brigade from Brigade Games.  I doubt if I will use any of the scenarios as written as they often call for AT guns or tanks, and I do not want to delve that deeply into the period.  I plan on a platoon of Germans, and that will give me games for four to six players as I will most likely use Nuts! for the rules, and a squad for each player is plenty.  I have some buildings from Novus that will work nicely for rural Poland.  I might pick up a tankette or a German light tank as well.  Small project, easy to knock out!

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