Thursday, July 9, 2020

Wake (Not Woke) Island

Not sure of the artist on this work though!
Well, I am probably safe to say that anyone who is "woke" probably doesn't know Wake, but as for me, time to get another little Check Your 6! project knocked out!  And this time, I am going...small!  Ordered a few 1/600 scale aircraft from Pico Armor because I did not want to buy a slew of bombers in 1/285th for a one off sort of project.  While I picked up Wildcats and Nells, the Nells were only part of the earliest air attacks on Wake...pretty much ever other attack were handled by Mavis flying boats.  I have a list of dates, types of planes, and numbers, and was hoping to run a small campaign, but I really do not want to buy a bunch of Mavis's because even at 1/600 scale they are still three bucks a piece.

Once these little birds arrive I will be sending them off to Chris Geisert for painting, along with several 1/285th selections.  Kevin Hammond of Miscellaneous Miniatures simply does not have the time to paint commission projects any longer, which is a shame because I've enjoyed using his services, but I am very glad he completed the 1948 Arab-Israeli project for me.  Chris does nice work as well...all my Korean War aircraft are done by him.

As always, more on this in a future post!

Cat and Mouse Over Wake - Artwork by Marc Stewart

Friday, July 3, 2020

Vietnam Gaming Site

With the relaunch of the Field of Fire forum, it has me checking back into my Vietnam "stuff" more often.  The community on that forum is made up of some extremely helpful and friendly gamers (like local gamer Garryowen), and there are some chaps putting together some excellent projects with wonderfully painted figures and exquisite terrain.  Check out History, Hexes and Heroes for some 28mm Vietnam eye-candy.
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