Sunday, February 21, 2021

The 100 Hours War

Honduran Corsairs on the left, El Salvadoran Mustangs and Corsair center and right

Recently I had Chris Geisert paint up some aircraft used in the 1969 100 Hours War (known also - albeit incorrectly - as the Football War).  El Salvadoran Corsairs and Mustangs taking on Honduran Carsairs, something quite different, especially for 1969.  I have created a Check Your 6! scenario based on two historical events that took place on July 17th.  This should be a fun game to host at conventions.  The scenario can be found on the Check Your 6! group.  

I believe the turnaround time was something less than two weeks!  Chris does nice work for an affordable price.  I placed my order with I-94 and sent Chris some artwork on how I wanted the planes to look.  They are not 100% accurate in terms of the base models used as Raiden and MSD do not make the proper Corsairs yet, but using proxies with a proper paint scheme should overcome any objections from gamers.


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