Project Resources

Miniatures and Supplies 

  • Ambush Alley Games - an excellent set of rules for the modern period.
  • Architrees Scaled Scenery Store - Various trees in various sizes.
  • Battlefield Architect - Makers of various terrain.  UPDATE:  Evidently now closed.
  • Deimos Design Studio - Excellent prepainted North Africa buildings and they will do custom work as well.  Official buildings of the Ambushed in the Alley blog!  See my short review hereUPDATE:  It appears that this company is no longer in business due to the death of its owner.
  • Dom's Decals
  • Eslo Terrain - Some useful pre-painted bits can be found on their website.
  • Eureka Miniatures USA - EXCELLENT service, carries full Eureka line.  Using their sci-fi Germans for Lord knows what!  Added some of their Indochina War figures to the lead pile as well.
  • Fight's On! Miniatures - Great accessories for Check Your 6!
  • GameCraft Miniatures - Makers of fine 15mm Middle Eastern buildings and accessories (as well as other scales).  Also making official buildings for Tomorrow's War.
  • GHQ Models
  • Ground Zero Games - I believe their Crusties make fairly good Kafers from 2300 A.D.  Scratch that, they do not look so much like Kafers, but certainly are spot on for District 9!
  • I-94 Enterprises - Has the excellent and affordable Raiden line of 1/285th scale aircraft.
  • Irishserb's Vehicles - Excellent Humvees and Bradleys (and VABs and Peugeots).  Contact Brian at or visit his excellent blog.  I am hoping he'll add more modern vehicles some day.
  • Khurasan Miniatures - Little Gray Men and sci-fi building accessories are just a small part of their massive sci-fi ranges.  Their *not* Predator and *not* Aliens are superb.
  • Litko Aero - Their 15mm round bases are perfect for mounting 15mm figures.  I use their 20mm round bases for leaders.
  • Mad Mecha Guy - A shit-ton of 15mm buildings and accessories, useful for both modern and sci-fi gaming.  UPDATE:  Website ist kaput!
  • Micropanzer Wargames Studio - While not on his website, I have purchased several sci-fi buildings and they are excellent!
  • MJ Figures - 15mm Brits and Argies for the Falklands!  A fairly complete range, with vehicles, paras, marines, commandos, etc.  Needs a few more vehicles added.
  • Old Crow Models - I have never seen such great quality from resin castings before.  New site doesn't show listing of products, but THIS SITE does.
  • Peter Pig - Their U.S. Marines are top notch and perfect for the early portions of the Iraq War.
  • PFC CinC - Makers of some fine 1/285th scale aircraft.
  • QRF Models Limited - Need LAVs?  The QRF ones are good quality and they sell vehicles and infantry for a plethora of countries for the modern era.  I am now using their post war West Germans for another Ambush Alley hypothetical project set in Africa.
  • RAFM - THE source for the RAFM Citadel 15mm sci-fi figures and vehicles (originally created for Traveller).  Don't buy those overpriced figures on eBay!
  • Rebel Minis - Their insurgents are the perfect enemies for the Peter Pig U.S. Marines.  They also make nicely detailed ultra modern U.S. infantry (I just like those Peter Pig ones a tad more).  Also, they make Greys for my Tomorrow's War Meets Mars project.
  • The Terrain Guy - One of my favorite sources for terrain and terrain squares.  UPDATE:  Evidently The Terrain Guy just up and closed shop with no notice.  So sad!
  • The Scene - 15mm Special Forces group for a certain Predator movie.
  • TimeCast Models - 15mm Falklands buildings.

Inspirational Media/Websites

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