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This page is a combination of the previous Striker and X-COM pages.  Sorry for the length, but I am trying to get these projects moved more towards a Tomorrow's War project.

X-COM, Germans vs. Martians!

The basic premise is that the original X-COM organization failed in its mission to stem the alien tide.  Many of the countries supporting the X-COM initiative have pulled their funding and many of them have signed treaties with the aliens, treaties which of course the aliens have no intention of honoring as they continue their course of interrogation and abduction.

This is the most recent idea, perhaps using Tomorrow's War:

However, one country has decided to press on against the aliens, and with its German speaking neighbors have formed a new X-COM, entitled Deutch Außerirdischen Kampfgruppe (DAK).  Made up from German-speaking special forces from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria (with the occasional Leichtensteiner), DAK represents the next generation of alien hunters.  Encounters occur frequently on both Earth and Mars, as well as Luna.

This was the original idea (using X-COM Tactical and written when we still had a German Pope):


1999 saw the formation of X-COM, and they failed, big time, to stop those damn little grey aliens from coming down and raping our cows and eating our women, er…or something like that.

The Pope hasn’t taken all this alien talk well as it bucks the traditions of the Church (aliens don’t seem to fit with the concepts of God and angels), but other than having beer at Mass, who needs the Church anyway?  Well, perhaps we do.

The Pope, progressive German that he is (relatively speaking of course), has commissioned certain military types to work on a post X-COM organization, one that doesn't care about the sensibilities or hidden agendas of individual governments, and one that is ruthless the execution of its mission, which is to rid Earth from being visited by our little grey friends.  To this end, the Pope has sanctioned the formation of the Brüderorden, a military order equipped with the latest of “future technology” and with its ranks filled with “gute germanischen Jungen”, men mostly from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (ethnic Germans from other countries are also considered), dedicated to the Church and the mission.  Military orders were all the rage during the Crusades, converting heathens with the point of a sword, but it is doubtful if His Eminence wants little grey alien Catholics at Mass.  This is not a case of conversion, but one of extermination or subjugation; either we exterminate alien threat, or we face subjugation or our own extinction.

Because the Order is funded through the Church, it does not have to answer to the various world governments that at their best were strong supporters of X-COM, but at their worst became satellite states for the invaders and fickle in their financial support.  Also, X-COM suffered from multi-national recruiting, which led to issues within the various teams from communication to nationalistic agendas.  While the troops of the Brüderorden are drawn from various nations, their commitment to the Pope and the Church, and their shared language and ethnicity override any national tendencies.

How the Order goes about its business is only known within the ranks of the Brüder; the Church funds the Order and gives overall strategic input, but does not interfere in the day to day operations, leaving tactical execution at the Hochmeister’s discretion.

Order Ranks

While the brethren recruited for The Order are nearly all former military personnel, The Order doesn't follow traditional military ranks, instead having a much more simplified method of identifying the various levels within its organization.  All ranks have the term Brüder, so a rifleman is known as Schütze Brüder, or more simply Schütze.
Schütze Brüder – rifleman – covers all brothers who do not fall into the following leadership roles.
Teamleiter Brüder – team leader
Gruppenführer Brüder – squad leader
Zugführer Brüder – platoon leader


The Brüder are formed into light platoons.  Each platoon consists of two squads, each of which is made up of two five man fireteams.  The fireteam consists of the team leader, two riflemen with light plasma or assault rifles (mission dependant), one plasma gunner, and one squad automatic weapon (in most cases a heavy laser but at times a light auto cannon).

                                One Zugführer with StG or LPG
                                                One Sniper Team
                                                                One Schütze with Scharfschützengewehr
                                                                One Schütze with with StG or LPG
                                                One LAW Team
                                                                One Schütze with LAW
                                                                One Schütze with
                                                Two Squads, each with
                                                                One Gruppenführer with StG or LPG
                                                                                Two Fireteams, each with
                                                                                                One Teamleiter with StG or LPG
                                                                                                Two Schützen, each with StG or LPG
                                                                                                One Schütze with sPG or
                                                                                                One Schütze with FmW or sL

A full strength platoon then consists of twenty-seven men.

The Order stresses both marksmanship and the ability to use all weapons issued within the platoon.  Therefore, for example, if the fireteam suffers the loss of the sPG Schütze, any other member of the team, squad, or platoon could fill in without any appreciable loss in skill.


The following weapons have been selected from those those used by the X-COM teams, but with improvements across the board in performance and stopping power.  Staying within its Germanic base, these weapons have been modified by the tri-national company of Deutsch-Österreicher-Schweizer (D-Ö-S) Waffenfabrik.  This company is actually an umbrella corporation and individual upgrades have been completed by such firms as SIG Sauer, Steyr, Heckler & Koch, among others.

StG – SturmGewehr (Assault Rifle)
TUs – Auto: 30%, Snap: 20%, Aimed: 75%
Accuracy – Auto: 40%, Snap: 65%, Aimed: 115%
Power – 40 AP
Ammo - 20

LPG - Licht Plasma-Gewehr (Light Plasma Rifle)
TUs – Auto: 31%, Snap: 25%, Aimed: 65%
Accuracy – Auto: 60%, Snap: 91%, Aimed: 105%
Power – 90 Plasma
Ammo - 28

SSG – ScharfSchützenGewehr (Sniper Rifle)
TUs – Snap: 20%, Aimed: 75%
Accuracy – Snap: 75%, Aimed: 125%
Power – 50 AP
Ammo - 20

LAW - Licht Anti-Panzer-Waffe (Light Anti-Armor Weapon)
TUs – Snap: 40%, Aimed: 70%
Accuracy – Snap: 60%, Aimed: 120%
Power – 100 AP

sPG - schwere Plasma-Gewehr (Heavy Plasma Rifle)
TUs – Auto: 30%, Snap: 25%, Aimed: 55%
Accuracy – Auto: 55%, Snap: 80%, Aimed: 115%
Power – 125 Plasma
Ammo - 35

FmW – Flammenwerfer (Flamethrower)

sL - schwere Laser (Heavy Laser)
TUs – Auto: 20%, Snap: 28%, Aimed: 70%
Accuracy – Auto: 51%, Snap: 55%, Aimed: 89%
Power – 95 Laser
Ammo - ∞

The Sectoids

For reasons unknown, the other alien races faced by X-COM in the late 1990s have seemingly given up on their activities on Earth, except for the Sectoids.  These “kleine graue Bastarde” (ironically shortened by the Brüder as KGB) continue to abduct, experiment on, and kill humans while establishing the occasional base of operations.  On X-COM’s final mission to Cydonia, one of the last transmissions from that fateful attack mentioned the discovery of human captives, so the Sectoids are still aggressively up to their old tricks.  For the most part, the Sectoids have the same skill levels and weapons as encountered by X-COM, but there have been rumors of a giant walking craft and a “manned” Cyberdisc.  These have yet to be encountered by the Order.

The Mutoids

There have been various and rather incomplete reports of abductions headed by “little green men” as well.  It is unknown if these “green men” are a Sectoid mutation or a separate Sectoid “race”, but the green men apparently have the same physical attributes as the grey Sectoids.  In actuality, the green Sectoids are a cross-breeding experiment between the common Sectoid and the Muton, and called Mutoid.  This creates a more powerful Sectoid, but one that has no psionic skill.  Why the Muton race decided to allow such inter-breeding is unknown.  One theory may be that the Sectoids captured some Mutons during one of their various conflicts.  Regardless, the Mutoids are a tougher opponent for the Order.


The beginnings of a science-fiction project using the classic RAFM Citadel figures and Ambush Alley/Force on Force/Tomorrow's War rules.  Working with The G Dog on this (well, he's done most of the work, but I have terrain and some figures to add into his large collection) as it seems something silly and fun enough to run at conventions to get the great unwashed masses into historical gaming by hooking them onto the rules.

Some things that The G Dog has already come up with:

Assault Rifle - 1d small arms
Advanced Combat Rifle - 1d small arms
Gauss Rifle - 1d small arms
Snub Pistol - 1d small arms
Accelerator Rifle - 1d small arms
PGMP-12 - 3d medium support weapon
PGMP-13 - 3d medium support weapon
PGMP-14 - 3d medium support weapon
FGMP-14 - 4d heavy support weapon
FGMP-15 - 4d heavy support weapon
Light Assault Gun - 2d light support weapon
LMG - 2d light support weapon
Grenade Launcher - 2d light support weapon
Auto-GL - 3d medium support weapon
RAM GL - 3d medium support weapon
RAM Auto-GL - 4d heavy support weapon
Submachinegun (SMG) - 1d small arms
Shotgun - 1d small arms

Flak Jacket - one defense die
Combat Armor TL11 - two defense dice
Combat Armor TL12 - three defense dice
Combat Armor TL14 - four defense dice
Battledress - four defense dice

From The G Dog:

"Using the ratings I have, you'd get something like:

Squad, Duke of Regina's Own Huscales
1 Squad Leader (Combat Armor 14, Gauss Rifle)
1 Assistant Squad Leader (Combat Armor 14, Gauss Rifle)

2 Fire teams, each with:
Team Leader (Combat Armor 14, Gauss Rifle)
Trooper # 1 (Combat Armor 14, Gauss Rifle)
Trooper # 2 (Combat Armor 14, FGMP-15)
Trooper # 3 (Combat Armor 14, FGMP-15)

The squad would throw 13 dice in combat, defense dice for the squad would be 10 +4.  For a single fire team, defense dice would be 4 +4 (plus cover)."

RAFM has just released their Imp APC, which comes with two weapons options (missile launcher or auto gun).  Still need to rate up this vehicle for Force on Force/Tomorrow's War.

It has been awhile since I have added anything to this page, so here it goes.  First, a lot of the work The G Dog has completed is on his blog.  Second, my collection of figures continues to grow.  I have ordered plenty of additional RAFM Citadel Striker figures, four of the Imp APCs, and now three of the grav tanks.  I have forces together for high tech infantry, low tech infantry (think World War II), and a Marine landing party.  And I bought a bunch of the Droyne as well.  Not sure what I will use those for (other than targets), but they are "cool" and should paint up easily.

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