Ambush Valley/FNG - Vietnam

I will be using the FNG and Ambush Valley rules depending on my mood for Koh Tang and other Vietnam gaming.

Dien Bien Phu - Red Star Miniatures blog about Indochina and their range of 28mm figures.  The painting tutorials are excellent.
Eleven Tree Designs - Has three laser cut buildings in the 15mm jungle range.  Excellent buildings (with the mandatory lift off roofs) that assemble easily.
Eureka Miniatures USA - Excellent service, and they have a 15mm Indochina infantry range.
Fields of Fire - THE place for Vietnam gamers to go and chat about the war.  Tons of info and really great chaps to help with questions.
Flames of War - I hate to admit it, but as I bought some painted 'Nam figures for a song, I have to list them...and the figures are actually pretty good!
Flashpoint Miniatures - An excellent range of figures, they have nearly everything you want, from Yanks, to Aussies, to special forces, to Marvin the ARVN, to VC and NVA, to civilians and vehicles.  Hopeful for a future release of Khmer Rouge.
FNG 2nd Tour - Good rules published by Two Hour Wargames for small scale skirmish.  Takes a bit of reading to understand the flow, but once you have played a few times they work nicely.
Gomi Designs - Need some excellent 15mm brown water navy boats?  This is the place!
Sarissa Precision LTD - Nice range of 15mm laser cut buildings perfect for Vietnam.

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